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Angel Links Original Soundtrack 1: All My Soul
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Ever Anime A8-997

1. All My Soul (vocal track: NAWNAW - full-length version)
2. Shinen / Abyss
3. Tenkakeru Tenshi / Sky-Run Angel?
4. Kyou no O-shigoto / Today's Work
5. Tea Time
6. Tenshinranman / Innocence
7. Hidden
8. Hi Damari no Nake De / (untranslated)
9. Pleasant Time
10. Hohoemi no Ryuu / Reason to Smile ~ All My Soul ~
11. Waltz
12. Otome no Jikan / Girl's Time
13. Nostalgia
14. a Veil
15. Sakusou / Complication
16. Dearness (vocal track)
17. Angel Links Go-Hasshin / Angel Links Launch Command
18. Shin'nyu / Invasion
19. Meikyuu / Mystery
20. Karappo no Hako no Naka / Inside an Empty Box
21. Hitori / Alone
22. Tokei no Hari ha Modoranai / The Watch's Hands Don't Turn Back
23. Yasashisa no Kioku / Gentle Memory
24. Furi Mukakeba Soko Ni / If I Face Deception in That Place
25. Houyou / Embrace
26. Steel Wings
27. Kinpaku / Tension
28. All My Power! ~ All My Soul ~
29. Battle of Angel
30. Action!
31. Succeed in...! ~ All My Soul ~
32. Ashita he / To Tomorrow
33. True Moon (vocal track - TV size version)

Track titles provided by Amy.

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