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Angel Links Original Soundtrack 2: True Moon
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SonMay GGG-228

1. Memories
2. DA*LI*A (vocal track)
3. Angel Links Go Hasshin / Angel Links Launch Command (type-B)
4. Tenkakeru Tenshi / Sky-Run Angel? (type-B)
5. Massive
6. Crisis
7. Suspended
8. Sen'nyu / Infiltration
9. Hide and Seek
10. Tsuiseki / Pursuit
11. Dog Fight
12. Chiisana Houseki / Little Jewel
13. True Moon (vocal track, full-length version)
14. Holy Day
15. Leon Lau
16. Romance
17. Zankoku na Kami / Cruel God
18. Gouryu
19. (untranslated - possibly "Awakening"?)
20. Pain
21. Kourikita Jikan / Frozen Time
22. Kousei no Ai / Kousei's Love
23. Oracion Inori / Oracion Prayer
24. True Moon (instrumental version)
25. Kakugo no Tabidachi / Resolute Departure
26. Garyu [?] Tatsu / Rise Up, Reclining Dragon?
27. Shitou / Struggle to the Death
28. The End and the Beginning
29. All My Soul (vocal track, TV size version)

Track titles provided by Amy

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