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Death Note Tribute CD
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Code: MICA-0743
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1) "Secret Society" by Shikao Suga feat Amazons
2) "37.0C" by Hitomi Yaida
3) "Hands" by m-flo
4) "Real Days" by MCU
5) "Straight to Hell" by Char
6) "Diabolo (Lucifer)" by Buck-Tick
7) "Avant Garde" by Coil feat. Kyoko
8) "Navigator of Darkness" by Kreva
9) "Vendetta Code" by Aggressive Dogs / Death Note Allstars "D-Crew"
10) "Pursuit" by Aggressive Dogs / Death Note Allstars "N-Crew"
11) "Garden" by Kirito
12) "L?R" by Demon Kogure Kakka
13) "We are five samurai" by PE'Z
14) "Good Night" by Kinmokusei
15) "My Wonderful Method" by Aya Matsuura

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